Eternal Mysteries

         Series: Eternal Mysteries
         Medium: Watercolor

Eternal Mysteries is a series of watercolor paintings inspired by a rubaii (a four-line poem) by Persian poet Omar Khayyam. In the rubaii, Khayyam talks about the mysteries of eternity and claims that the secrets of eternal life will not be revealed to you or me in this world. This poem has been written in most of the works. The verses blend with the other elements such as lines, shapes, textures and colors of the painting and in a sense become part of the art work. 

        Aerial photos of Earth are used for inspiration to create an unknown atmosphere which emphasizes the ambiguity concerning eternal life. Non-realistic colors that are hardly juxtaposed in nature pinpoint this uncertainty simultaneously. Although the atmosphere and colors are intended to be mysterious and represent the unknown, textural values are incorporated to give a tangible aspect to each image.

        I have presented some of my works in diptych and triptych style which makes them visually engaging; one’s eyes flow around the painting and follow the lines and colors.

       In order to make it more comprehensible to a non-Persian speaking audience, an artist book accompanies this series, which contains a translation of Khayyam’s rubaii. The titles for the images have been chosen based on this translation as well.

        Omar ibn Ibrāhīm al-Khayyām Nīshāpūrī, known as Khayyam, was a Persian mathematician, astronomer, philosopher and poet who lived in 12th century Persia. An Islamic influence is traceable in many of his rubaiyat. In his poetry, sometimes he would directly address God, while on other occasions his listener would be the Prophet Muhammad himself. There remain about a thousand of Khayyam’s rubaiyat which were introduced to the Western world by Edward Fitzgerald’s rendering of the poems into the English language during the mid-1800s.
Check out the Artist Book HERE

Beyond the Veil (Diptych)
(Stretched Paper over Stretcher bars)
38in x 24in

22in x 30in

Eternal Mysteries
8in x 24in

(Stretched Paper over Stretcher bars)  
24in x 36in

 Our Discourse Behind the Veil (Diptych)
(Stretched Paper over Stretcher bars)
38in x 24in

If the Veil Disappears!
(Arches paper)
30in x 22in

In Search of Mysteries
11in x 14in

Untitled- SOLD
24in x 18in

Untitled, Watercolor on stretcher bars (Diptych)

 Universe, Watercolor

Untitled, Watercolor on Arches paper(Triptych)

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